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Founder, Travelocity.com | Founding Chairman, Kayak.com

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9182 Lakewood Drive
Windsor, CA, 95492
United States


Terry Jones, founder, Travelocity.com and founding Chairman, Kayak.com lectures worldwide on Innovation, Disruption, Demystifing AI and Customer Relationships.

Why hire terry

Why hire Terry?

There are thousands of speakers out there....
Why hire Terry?

  • Lots of people talk about Innovation or Digital Relationships, Terry has actual business experience in both!

    • Founded Travelocity, Kayak and Wayblazer
    • Holds several patents in digital technology
    • Has been involved in IPO and sales of digital companies totaling over $7 Billion Dollars.
    • Regularly consults with Fortune 100 companies
  • Terry will customize his presentation

    • Most speakers give the same speech over and over. Terry changes his every time!
    • Please send your white papers, strategy documents and meeting success factors in advance. Terry will read them all and make sure his presentation is tailored to your audience.

  • Terry will come early and stay late to meet your attendees

    • The way to make sure you have audience impact is to listen, and to listen you have to be present.
    • Terry make sure he has plenty of extra time to interact with your attendees to he's up to date with their thinking and their issues.
  • Terry's support materials insure that his message endures after the presentation is over

    • He always allows download of all of his slides
    • He gives each participant a bookmark that summarizes key speech take aways.
    • His book can be customized to make sure it has perfect impact for your audience
  • Terry will promote your meeting

    • He is happy to record a pre meeting video promotion
    • He regularly writes article to promote his talk to attendees
    • He will use his large social media audience to create buzz
  • Terry has the world's best assistant, who will make it all so simple!

    • Monique Boucher, Terry's assistant has been involved in booking speakers for over 20 years
    • Her experience insures that from contracting to logistics to AV you won't have to worry about a thing.
    • Terry gets great reviews, but Monique gets even better ones!

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