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Founder, Travelocity.com | Founding Chairman, Kayak.com

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9182 Lakewood Drive
Windsor, CA, 95492
United States


Terry Jones, founder, Travelocity.com and founding Chairman, Kayak.com lectures worldwide on Innovation, Disruption, Demystifing AI and Customer Relationships.

Top Disruption Keynote

Learn Disruption from a Disruptor!


Terry Jones is a disruptor. He founded Travelocity.com the original dot com travel disruptor. Then he was a co founder and Chairman of Kayak.com and did it again.  He's created companies valued at more than $3 BILLION.

Jones has been a CIO, a CEO and innovator, inventor, consultant, venture capitalist, He's also author of the best selling book, "ON Innovation" and has been a top keynote speaker for fifteen years.

His speech ON Innovation gives straightforward lessons on how to move from being disrupted to being a disruptor. 

Here is how the talk evolves

  • "Forces of Technological Disruption" (can customize)
    • Connectivity - Big Data - Cloud - Additive Manufacturing - 
      Internet of Things - Mobility - Robotics - Drones - A. I. 
  • "Owning the Edge" Jones shows how leading disruptors are moving quickly to 'own the edge" That's where the customer lives today. From Google Home to Amazon Dash, to apps like Penny, Mint and Yodlee. These companies are cutting traditional companies off from their customer base
  • "Less Capital. More Speed" Shows how disruptors are like Kayak, Uber, Airbnb, Amazon and others are reducing business models down to their essence and leaving traditional companies holding assets and losses while the disruptor skims the cream of profits.
  • "Platforms change Products" Shows how platform companies are quickly moving from selling widgets to selling outcomes. Traditional Industrial companies like GE and Honeywell are using IOT to change the way they sell and lock in customers.
  • "Disruption vs Innovation - Two Sides of the Same Coin" Discusses what is holding you back from being a disruptor -
    • Risk Tolerance - Bottom Up Thinking - "Pinball" - Stuck with Old Model - No "Sentries" - The Bozone Layer
  • "Becoming a Disruptor" It means moving from being a bi-modal company. You are a great producer, now you have to be a great innovator as well
    • Be a Low Risk Experimenter - Kill Projects Not People - Listen in a New Way - Hire People Who Don't Fit In - Get Around Nay Sayers - Do More With Less - Don't Reinvent, Reimagine!


This talk can be combined with Terry’s other talks: 

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Terry Jones has disrupted an entire industry. Hire him for your next keynote!