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Founder, Travelocity.com | Founding Chairman, Kayak.com

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Terry Jones, founder, Travelocity.com and founding Chairman, Kayak.com lectures worldwide on Innovation, Disruption, Demystifing AI and Customer Relationships.

Demystifying A.I.

Demystifying A. I.

Terry Jones  -  Chairman Wayblazer.ai Founder Travelocity.com Founding Chairman Kayak.com

Terry Jones - Chairman Wayblazer.ai
Founder Travelocity.com
Founding Chairman Kayak.com

Terry Jones, an internationally recognized innovator who helped revolutionize an industry, is the managing principal of Essential Ideas an innovation consultancy.

A proven disruptor, he founded Travelocity.com and was a C0-Founder and Chairman of Kayak.com. He's created companies valued at more than $3 BILLION.

Jones has been a CIO, a CEO and innovator, inventor, consultant, venture capitalist, He's also author of the best selling book, "ON Innovation" and has been a top keynote speaker for fifteen years.

Asked by IBM to help put IBM Watson to work in travel he ended up founding a company to once again change the face of travel. He's just the right person to explain the impact of A. I. to your organization.

His speech Demystifying A. I. gives straightforward lessons on how to move from a science project to industry disruptor.

Here is how the talk evolves

  • "Why Now?" Terry opens by explaining why now is the moment for A. I. It's due to the convergence of:
    • Exponential Growth of Unstructured Data - Advanced Connectivity - Mobility - Cloud - Internet of Things - Very Cheap Computing and Storage 
  • "What's the Problem?" A. I. can solve many problems but these new learning systems are best when presented with vast amounts of unstructured data. Dark Data, that is languishing in corporate data warehouses where finding insights much less information is impossible
  • "From Systems of Record to Systems of Insight"
  • "Components of A. I.
    • Learning - Reasoning - Problem Solving - Perception - Language
  • "A.I. is the new U.I." AI gives us the ability to learn more about what humans want from applications and the ability to give much more accurate and rich answers
    • Richer Input  - Speech - Gestures - Natural Language Search - ChatBots - Video - Images
    • Richer Output - Prescribe a medical treatment - Read an Xray-
      Predict Crop Output - Select Perfect Hotel - Recommend Perfect Dress
  • "It's All About Learning" A. I. systems learn fantastically fast and share that learning. When one self driving car crashes, all of them learn how to avoid it simultaneously! How will learning systems change business processes?
  • "Owning the Edge" A. I. systems are disrupting traditional players as home, car, phone voice automation becomes the new UI. Its changing advertising, retail, music, video and more
    • Amazon Echo - Google Home - Watson in Cars - Siri - Smart Mirrors -
  • "No Science Projects" Real world examples in industry today
    • Call Centers - Retail - Industrial Control - CRM - Sales
      Agriculture - Marketing - Logistics - Travel
  • "Path to Success"
    • Quick Wins - Industry Tools - More Training than Programming -
    • Don't Reinvent - Reimagine



Terry Jones has disrupted an entire industry. Hire him for your next keynote!