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Founder, Travelocity.com | Founding Chairman, Kayak.com | Chairman, WayBlazer.com

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517 Quince St
Windsor, CA, 95492


Terry Jones, founder, Travelocity.com, founding Chairman, Kayak.com and current Chairman, Wayblazer lectures worldwide on Innovation and Customer Relationships.


  • Build a culture of innovation

  • Innovation is like baseball not the olympics
  • Experiment
  • Face your fears
  • Kill projects NOT people
  • Your wake is larger than you imagine
  • Take the first risk
  • Make sure your discovery muscle is as strong as your delivery muscle
  • It's all about the team

  • Mix experienced with newbies
  • Hire people who don't fit in. People who are NOT like you
  • One person can make all the difference
  • Keep teams small - Two Pizza Teams
  • Generating Ideas

  • Good ideas come from the bottom
  • Eliminate the bozone layer
  • Don't lose ideas in the corporate pinball machine
  • It is up to the leader to reach down and break the bozone layer
  • Install sentries to listen for ideas
  • Look beyond what is immediately apparent
  • Go with your gut. Just don't bet the farm on it
  • Build prototypes
  • Selecting Ideas

  • Who reviews ideas?
  • Make sure to circulate ideas widely
  • Remember the golden innovation ratio
  • Clarity - Focus - Never Settle
  • You don't have to change the world to cause disruption
  • What's your plan B?

  • Put your business plan on a rubic's cube
  • Don't reinvent - reimagine!