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Founder, Travelocity.com | Founding Chairman, Kayak.com

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Terry Jones, founder, Travelocity.com and founding Chairman, Kayak.com lectures worldwide on Innovation, Disruption, Demystifing AI and Customer Relationships.

Demystifying AI


"Demystifying Artificial Intelligence" Keynote Speech

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence Keynote Speech by Terry Jones

Terry Jones, whose name is synonymous with e-commerce and travel has started a new business based on artificial intelligence.  Having spent the last three years investigating and implementing AI based solutions he offers his unique perspectives on AI and why it is so important to 21st century businesses.

Terry will show your audience ‘why now’. AI has been being constructed since the 1950s so is today another AI bubble or it today the time that all work will be changed by the power of artificial intelligence.

Terry’s talk explores:

  • What are the foundations that insure that this is the time for success with AI

  • What are the components of AI

  • What are the myths surrounding AI…things that it cannot do

  • Why the impact of AI today will be as big as the browser was yesterday

  • How does big data play with AI

  • Why AI is the new UI

  • How AI will turn the internet into the most interesting man in the world

  • Why search gives you clues and AI gives you answers with confidence

  • Do you need a bot?

  • Is AI only for billion dollar companies? (NO)

  • Who will win the AI wars…The Megas (Facebook, Amazon,Microsoft IBM google) startups or corporations?

Perhaps most importantly, Terry will explain the coming ‘battle for the edge”. How the most innovative companies are battling to make it easier and easier for customers to shop and buy anytime using AI. He will take audiences through examples like Google’s Predective Suggestions, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and IBM’s Watson, and how each is striving to be the most powerful AI platform.

The battle for the edge will reshape how business and consumers shop and buy and will topple businesses unprepared for its implications.

Using real world examples, Terry shows audiences how AI is already in use and inspires them to create a place for it in their future.

If desired Terry can also address the implications of these technologies on the work force and the future of work.  Additionally, they can also be combined with his ON Innovation speech and Disruption topic.

This talk can be combined with Terry’s other talks 

ON Innovation •  Disruption Off • Building Digital Relationships


“Your presentation was - especially looking back at the conference - a perfect start to the topic.” 

“Your talk was terrific - it was great to have the benefit of your enormous experience and several people have told me it was one of the highlights of the conference.”


 “Thank you for your opening talk at AI Europe this morning, so much of what you said rang true today.”

“Great presentation, thanks for sharing your insights.”


“Thank you for your inspiring talk.”

"I really enjoyed your talk this morning."