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Founder, Travelocity.com | Founding Chairman, Kayak.com

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9182 Lakewood Drive
Windsor, CA, 95492
United States


Terry Jones, founder, Travelocity.com and founding Chairman, Kayak.com lectures worldwide on Innovation, Disruption, Demystifing AI and Customer Relationships.


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"The best kind of innovation starts in the base of the organization
— the people who are talking to your customers."

- Terry Jones

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“Terry, your presentation was one of the best I’ve
seen in my 20 years in the workforce.”
- Shareholder, Littler Mendelson PC

"Engaging and thought provoking.” - President, RMS Associates, Inc (Ingram)

“Your speech made me think about what I can do
day to day to lead a culture change.” - IBM Business Development

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"Terry's insightful and easy to read book has ideas anyone can use to
light a fire under innovation.”
- Mark Pizzi
President and CEO Nationwide Insurance

"Terry Jones is that rarest of business leaders: a mature entrepreneur
and a pragmatic visionary."
- Jon Iwata
SVP, Marketing & Communications, IBM

"This book is a great read for anyone seeking to stimulate and
encourage innovation." - Robert Crandall
Former Chairman and CEO American Airlines

Terry Jones is an author, venture capitalist, innovator and keynote speaker.  He is the founder of Travelocity.com, founding Chairman of Kayak.com and managing principal of Essential Ideas, an innovation consultancy.  He has a proven track record of leading companies whose innovations have revolutionized an industry. His book, ON Innovation, has encouraged innovation and cultural change for readers worldwide.

Terry helps companies use the tools and techniques he’s developed to keep up with this rapidly changing world.  His programs on innovation, leadership and customer relationships are always thought provoking, entertaining and customized.  Attendees walk away with inspired ideas and concrete action items to implement in their companies.

With programs that are informative and mind expanding, Jones challenges audiences to think outside the box and envision the future.

  • Great job, especially customizing the presentation on the fly to make it take in comments from Geoff Colvin in his presentation earlier.

    -Senior Vice President , Munich Te
  • Great message. A real wake up call. I want to keep Terry's message going with my team and I.

    -Sr VP Sales , Trizetto
  • Very insightful and enjoyable

    -CIO , Box
  • Very engaging and impactful....

    -VP Network & Security Solutions , SAIC
  • Nice job! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on innovation.

    -Vice President , Enterprise Architecture and IT Solution Delivery, Tractor Supply Company
  • Excellent information! Really makes a business reevaluate how they are operating.

    -Chief Risk Officer , Coulee Bank, WBA Bank Executives Conference
  • So many takeaways. And even though we are a very small telecom consulting firm, there are many ideas that will help us re-purpose our business. I've also read your book (that was given to me at the conference ... thank you!), and am extracting notes & ideas that will help my partner and me with the effort.

    -Attendee , Centurylink Partner Expo
  • Refreshing and visually stimulating while full of valuable verbal content. Great job.

    -CSM , Centurylink
  • It was one of the most empowering speeches I have ever heard and the message speaks to all levels of business enterprise.

  • Very informative- entertaining and relevant - who says you cant have fun learning...

    -Brand Director , Number 4 High Performance Hair Care
  • Terry you were a smash hit!

    -CEO , United Capital
  • Loved it! Thanks so much!

    -Senior VP , United Capital
  • I loved your speech! You are a wealth of knowledge and I can't wait to see you again!

  • It was seriously far and above the other speakers and presenters that participated in the Executive Summit. Very inspiring! Lots of takeaways.

    -Attendee , Professional Beauty Association Summit
  • Best one of the conference!

    -Attendee , TLMI Conference
  • Excellent presentation. Engaging, humorous, and full of excellent information and amusing anecdotes. Though the examples don't necessarily match my business, the concepts are universal.

    -Attendee , TLMI Conference
  • "Culture eats strategy for breakfast." - great quote and great presentation on innovation. We need to develop a culture of innovation - "explain to your employees, they will get it."

    -Attendee , TLMI Conference
  • Excellent speech! Very informative and useful!

    -Attendee , TLMI Conference
  • I very much enjoyed hearing you speak. Your thoughts re-energized me toward achieving more with my company and its relationships.

    -Attendee , CoBank
  • Very interesting and pertinent outlook on business.

    -Attendee , TLMI Conference
  • Very compelling. I especially liked the merging of Culture and Innovation. Innovation will only thrive if it is in your culture.

    -Attendee , Entrepreneur's Organization
  • The best conference of ANATO Congress.

    -Attendee , ANATO, Cartagena, Columbia
  • I immensely enjoyed your presentation as well as our short conversation before dinner. I took away many things that will help me help myself and others in the future.

    -Attendee , SIM Chicago
  • The concepts of culture being required to ensure the results of driving innovation in an organization was eye opening for me. The presentation was excellent and greatly appreciated.

    -Attendee , SIM Chicago
  • Thank you for the time....the speech was excellent and is forcing me to ask questions about my own company and how we innovate.

    -Attendee , SIM Chicago
  • Inspiring!! Thank you for blazing the trail and lighting (and re-lighting) the innovation fire. It takes stories like yours to encourage us!

    -Attendee , Gartner Group
  • Dinner was very comforting and satisfying so a presentation could easily put one to sleep but I found your talk so rousing and motivating. I will be a dedicated follower.

    -Attendee , SIM Chicago
  • Very motivational, included points I want to share with our upper management team.

    -Attendee , Tennessee Governor's Conference
  • Speech was very well delivered, fast paced, on point, relatable, and also caused you to think. Typically I get two good "nuggets" from a speech and this time I took 3 pages of notes.

    -Attendee , Chevron
  • I thought your speech was very thought provoking and challenged us all to not be afraid to try new concepts. It certainly was a refresh for me to remove complacency and always challenge others in change. Outstanding.

    -Attendee , Chevron
  • It was a great speech and very relatable to our audience of business owners. I really liked that you summarized everything at the end. That brought everything you talked about very nicely. Thank you!

    -Attendee , Chevron
  • Great pace, full of energy, connected with the audience. Thank you for teaching me some things!

    -Attendee , Chauffeur Driven
  • Great speech and very timely for a industry mired in the past and in desperate need of redefining their value.

    -Attendee , UniGroup
  • I really found your speech to be inspirational. Got all the wheels in my brain turning.

    -Attendee , Chevron
  • Excellent speech! Topic was spot on with issues and challenges our industry is facing today!

    -Attendee , UniGroup
  • I really enjoyed the presentation. I thought it fit perfectly with the current strategy and outlook we have for our company currently.

    -Attendee , UniGroup
  • Great and insightful speech!

    -Attendee , Chevron
  • Visuals along with speech delivery was very powerful. Dialogue on culture was spot on.

    -Attendee , Mass Mutual
  • Presentation was engaging, visionary and also practical. It inspired us to think differently. Was the highlight of our day. Thank you Terry!

    -Attendee , Mass Mutual
  • I thought your talk was wonderful, informative and most of all attention grabbing! I didn't want it to end! You held my attention from beginning to end (which came too soon). Thank you for speaking at this event.

    -Attendee , Mass Mutual
  • Great stories and insights about the successes and failures of various people and companies. Really enjoyable.

    -Attendee , Mass Mutual
  • It was an excellent speech and really got me since we are also having a "culture change" program globally.

    -Attendee , Istanbul Brand Week
  • I like the way you do your presentation and your content very much. The flow is very attractive and logical, it's been an inspiring session.

    -Attendee , Brand Week Istanbul
  • Your message was relevant, engaging and I plan to share your message and books with my team so they can share with their audiences. Thank you!

    -T. Porter, Attendee , Professional Beauty Association Summit
  • Terry broke the confusion about innovation and the future into easy-to-understand information blocks that can be easily understood and shared with the rest of my team. It was a terrific presentation.

    -Attendee , Professional Beauty Association Summit
  • Practical, well customized, insightful for strategic planning and innovation.

    -Koby , Crown Speakers Bureau
  • Your presentation surpassed my expectations. Great content and great delivery! I look forward to working with you in Latin America.

    -Santiago , HiCue Speakers
  • The content of the speech was excellent

    -Nick , Speakers Corner