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Founder, Travelocity.com | Founding Chairman, Kayak.com

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Terry Jones, founder, Travelocity.com and founding Chairman, Kayak.com lectures worldwide on Innovation, Disruption, Demystifing AI and Customer Relationships.

Attendee Reviews

Attendee Reviews



"I was blown away by the talk, we were all trying to figure out (a) how is Terry so much better a speaker than the celebrities we usually see and (b) this guy makes millions and billions of dollars, why is he even speaking?  Glad he was!"                                                Honeywell Home and Building Technology

Our business could learn a lot from your approach, the pinball machine sums up the way we operate  Your speech was entertaining, inspirational and pitched at just the right level as even I as a Sales person understood it. :-)                                         Sr. Sales Manager - EP Projects Honeywell Smart Energy


"I very much enjoyed the presentation and REALLY like the concept of "turning off disruption and turning on innovation"    President/CEO, Peterson Regional Medical Center Peterson Regional Medical Center

"Your presentation was both incredibly interesting and very thought provoking and the slides were incredible. Thank you for the time and effort spent in preparing the presentation and for your thoughtful presentation.  You have had an amazing career.  You are an inspiration to stay involved even as we get older."  CEO Gunnison Valley Hospital

"Extremely insightful...."                                                                     CEO, USMD Health Systems

"You made an impression and even now 2-3 mounts later I want to get and review your slides to be reminded of what you said and recapture the energy I felt after having experienced your presentation."                                                                                   Director of Student Health Services, Bingham Young University


"I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Mr. Jones speak at the Optimize2017 conference.  He has inspired me to follow a dream I've had on the back burner for some time.  Amazing content and engaging deliver, absolutely top notch, thank you!"                     Director of Hospitality Sales, Rainmaker

"Your speech was extremely motivating!  Walked away feeling charged and ready to push harder."                                               Director of Revenue Management, Harbor Group

"Very informative and thought provoking, I thoroughly enjoyed it!"                                                                                                            SVP Business Development, RealPage, Inc.

"Your presentation was amazing, I wish I could have had my whole company there!  Thank you so much for speaking at our conference and I am looking forward to reading your book!" YARDI Systems Manager, PB Bell Asset Management

raleigh chamber of commerce bizcon

“Calm, focused, truths, motivational.”

“Engaging, entertaining and enlightening!”

“It was absolutely outstanding and should have been to every CEO in Raleigh.”

“I loved it - thank you so much! So many takeaways and encouragement.

“I loved your speech.

“Thank you for the wake up call.


“Terry's "On Innovation" talk was 100% on point, relevant and in pace with today's business challenges...If this doesn't get you fired up, you are dead.”

“Probably the most "on topic" message about innovation available!”

“Very engaging speaker!”

“Your speech motivated me to come home and make some changes in my organization as well as have my leadership team read your book.”

Very engaging speaker.  The points were very concise and very well illustrated.

 “THE BEST! I mean ... really the best. ”

National Retail Federation



“Great speech. I got inspired! Thanks”

“Extremely interesting and informative. ”

“It was just great!”

“Very engaging and wonderful stats.”

“I truly enjoyed your presentation.  Your delivery is easy to digest and relate back to our individual business.”

“Very inspirational, great “truths”, good temp and “thought openers””

“Very inspiring speech!”

“Great presentation that provided new information in an exciting way.”

“Great job, I heard you at the IBM event and your message is directly on point.”

“Full of energy and very positive”

“Inspiring motivated and motivating, clear.”

“Made an old dog want to learn new tricks”

“A great speech!”

“Terry’s view about the culture, people,and how tech without people is nothing.”

“Modern keynote delivering insight inspiration and laughs.  I enjoyed your communication style as well as the great wisdom you shared with the audience”

“This was very inspirational and had some amazing takeaways.  Thank you for one of the best sessions.”

“This was an inspirational leadership speech.  Thanks a lot!”

“Very coaching and inspiring speech.  Love it!”

“Very motivating and great examples.”




“So many of your comments and observations resonated with me.”

“Very good.”

“Very inspiring.”

“Great collection of examples to highlight the change that is happening – and has happened in the field of customer engagement.”

“Very motivational and thought provoking.”

Ingram Micro



“I loved your ability to deliver your message in the form of "short stories". Very enlightening!”

“Really enjoyed it, salient, forward thinking content.”

“Engaging and thought provoking”

“Passion, funny while still serious, good stories weaved in, excellent slides / timing... well done!”

“Fantastic! Loved the Pizza analogy for small teams, help reinforce something I thought was true. Thank you for sharing your experience.”

“Very inspiring.”

“Highly recommend your approach.”

“Your speech made me think about what I can do day to day to lead in culture change. The quick view of pictures over this time was really effective (pix say 1K words). Thank you!”

“Very good for senior executives.”

“So much more than just a talking keynote, you engaged everyone and were not only insightful but humorous! Darn shame you ran out of books!!!”

“Fast paced, insightful”

“Terry, awesome presentation and thanks for autographing your book for me.”

“Fantastic stuff.”

“Only missed a good Belgian beer watching you ;-)”

“Generating a culture of innovation, trusting your gut and not betting the farm.”

“Very clean with great pace and relative material with supporting facts”

“Very insightful and fun.”

“Perfect for the audience!

Georgia Technology Association

“Spot-on about culture and teams. Thank you!”

“Timely for me personally as I'm working with a potential customer who is attempting to move an IT operation away from the corporate structure. I have shared your comments which he is using to justify his request to make this move with the CEO of a very large company.”

“Fun, uplifting, & positive.”

“Great presentation! Slides were to the point and informative.”

“Terry, Your presentation was one of the best I have seen in my 20 years in the workforce.”

“Great Talk. Wanted the Preso as a follow up.”

“Your speech was timely and relevant and very entertaining. Thanks!”

“Liked the simplicity, the examples to drove his point. Amazing!”

“It was very insightful for me. Being in higher education system management is in many ways significantly different from B2C endeavors, but the concepts of embracing and leveraging the differences in skill sets of our team members is a great tip for advancing innovation and creating the kinds of cultural changes we are trying to achieve.”

“Very inspiring, witty and smart.”

“Second visit.”

“You did something rare--you actually gave us some ideas and examples that were useful Most talks go to the edge of offering new information but don't quite make it there. I have a brother with a large travel agency. He needs to read your book so I bought him a copy. I will read it too.”

“Practical, inspiring, made me think.”

“I loved the comments on leadership, hiring, and team building, thanks for all the great insight. I plan to share the value you gave me with my sales team”

“Encouraging... so much that I want to share with my team”

“The keynote presentation was outstanding! Thank you for sharing your philosophy and ideas on innovation. I truly enjoyed your speech.”

“Terry, You were fantastic at the TAG Technology Summit in Atlanta. The comparison slides really focused on the changing environment especially between the headcount between Travelocity and Kayak.”

“Great war stories on creating a culture of innovation within a large company. Loved the visuals.”

“I was initially put off a bit by the gross generalities comparing "then" and "now". However, it ultimately pulled together well, and I agreed with and appreciated the whole.”

“Loved your enthusiasm and passion.”

“One of the best tech speeches I have heard. Simple, powerful, awesome and inspiring. Need you to do this more inside big companies. They need it.”

“Beyond the message of innovations value and importance, there were several takeaways that are easy to convey to others: group is too big if 2 pizzas can't feed the group. And yes, grow (like survival) is optional.”

“Rapid fire slide approach was very effective”

“Company culture to encourage failure | Only when you are failing are you learning. Often said; not often implemented (in big companies).”

“on spot and very current for todays environment. Very well presented”

“It was very relevant, very entertaining, very focused. I really enjoyed your presentation.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed your speech...it was eye opening for me. I already downloaded the book as well!”

“Great insights.”

“Excellent overview and very good delivery. Thanks for sharing”

“I would like to use what you presented to stimulate the conversation about how we move our organization in the direction you propose.”

“Very engaging, and thought provoking... excited to share ideas with my team.”

“I loved your content, your examples, and your message delivery. Great job!”

“Awesome! Smart and funny!”

“Love the energy and enthusiasm.”

“I would love our CEO and executive team to hear what you have to say. Powerful and motivational”

“Fantastic- see Ray Kurzweil.”

“AN inspiration!”

Preferred Hotels

“Great speech and very interesting!”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the slides and history of how the hospitality industry booking cycle has been forever altered.”

“Totally kept me engaged.  Well done!”



Anchorage AEDC

“Very motivating!  I really appreciated you showing a direction where anyone can feel empowered to innovate, thank you.”

“Was a refreshing reminder to innovate and inspiring to act.”

“I loved you use of classic story-telling with just the right amount of media in your slides that made it all a great presentation.  I learned not only about innovation, but also how to be a better presenter!”


“Very thought provoking and insightful”

“Engaging and interesting…well-suited for the audience.”

“Great presentation”

“Very good motivation.  Your observations are right on the money.”


“Inspiring and very much relevant and on-point for our business.”

County Financial

“You did an outstanding job and hit home – many points that will help us become better.”

“I liked you honest, humble approach.”

National Association Electronic Distributors

“Very informative, fast-moving presentation.  It kept my attention.”

“Your comments support much of our strategy – very relevant and timely.”

“Your presentation did a terrific job of simplifying the challenges of managing old work expertise and new age innovative spirit and you expanded our vision in the process.  Thank you for bringing your perspective to an industry that needs to redefine 'the box'!”

“Extremely insightful and relevant!  Very engaging speaker for a large, diverse crowd allowing every attendee to take home actionable items to improve innovation within their organization.”

National Rural Electric Coop Association

“The pace was great, the volume of slides was terrific and the information is useful and insightful.  Good Work!”

“Was engaging and very informative.  Best of the conference!”

Direct Marketing Association

“I love all the insights from the business that I could get from you besides all the professional best bad practices to follow in search of achieving greatness.  Awesome and inspirational speech!”

“Very good overview to explain how innovation is inevitable and how to initiate it!  Outstanding!”

“Very good – a lot of smart insight.”

“I enjoyed the topic of your presentation and the slides.  It is very useful at the moment for my company!”

“Very inspiring and real!  The best of the whole event – Thanks!”

“Brilliant. Riveting. Thank you!

Founder of Travelocity.com, Founding Chairman of Kayak.com and Chariman of Wayblazer, Terry Jones.
Terry Jones has disrupted an entire industry and continues to do so with his new company, Wayblazer, a company bringing artificial intelligence into travel. See how he can help you.
Terry Jones Chairman of WayBlazer.com, Founder of Travelocity.com and Founding Chairman of Kayak.com
Terry Jones continues to disrupt an industry just as AirBNB and UBER have distrupted their industries.
Learn how Terry Jones can help you change your disruption to your innovation.
Terry Jones has disrupted an entire industry and continues to do so with his new company, Wayblazer, a company bringing artificial intelligence into travel. See how he can help you.